2 May 2023

Swedish Nimo-KG acquired by van Oirschot Beheer B.V.

Swedish industrial company Nimo-KG has been acquired by Dutch industry colleague van Oirschot Beheer B.V. The change of ownership will provide Nimo-KG with greater opportunities to continue growing, but will not entail any organizational adjustments, and Martin Olsson will continue as CEO of Nimo-KG.

“van Oirschot Beheer B.V. operates in the same industry, with a product range that largely complements ours. Their CEO, Bram van Oirschot is a driven business leader who has significantly grown the business in the global market since taking over the company. All parties involved, including the seller, buyer, and myself as a part-owner and CEO, are convinced that this is a solution that will benefit everyone and allow Nimo-KG to continue to grow internationally”, says Martin Olsson, CEO Nimo-KG.

Bram van Oirschot & Martin Olsson
Bram van Oirschot and Martin Olsson.

van Oirschot Beheer B.V. also owns van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal B.V., which was founded in 1948 and, in turn, owns the Backsaver brand. Backsaver manufactures machines for lifting and emptying all types of containers, and like Nimo-KG, Backsaver operates primarily in the food industry in several countries around the world.

“I’ve been following Nimo-KG since we began expanding our Backsaver brand from the Western European market to the global market around 2010. Since then, I’ve maintained a positive relationship with the company. Nimo-KG is a reliable and internationally well-established brand in the sector, and I admire the high level of technical knowledge and advanced technical solutions, as well as their way of outsourcing and operating the business. When I heard about the potential sale of the company, I was immediately excited and after speaking with Martin Olsson, everything progressed at high speed”, says Bram van Oirschot, CEO of van Oirschot Beheer B.V., and continues:

“Nimo-KG and Backsaver complement each other when it comes to product range. Additionally, we each have a wealth of business knowledge and channels from which both companies can benefit. Altogether, I believe there is much to be gained by NIMO-KG and Backsaver joining forces, and I’m eager to begin working with the Nimo-KG team.”

Nimo-KG is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of equipment for internal product handling. The business started in 1958 and today delivers customized solutions to customers all over the world. Nimo-KG has its origins in the small locality of Kågeröd, where the company is still based. In 1990, the company was bought by drying cabinet manufacturer Nimoverken AB, which is now selling its stake to van Oirschot Beheer B.V.

For further information, please contact:
Martin Olsson, MD Nimo-KG, 46 (0)418-44 64 43, martin.olsson@nimo-kg.se 
Magnus Sjöbäck, Press Officer Nimo-KG, 46 (0)704-45 15 99, magnus.sjoback@greatness.se

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