27 March 2019

Requests for improved hygiene and safety behind Nimo KG’s increased sales in Canada

Nimo-KG is selling more single and two-column lifts than ever to the Canadian manufacturing industry. In 2018, one of this Swedish company’s distributors in Canada contributed to a considerable increase in orders received.

“It is primarily the Canadian foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries that use our lifts. They regard them as the market’s most safe and hygienic machines,” explains Carina Thern, Area Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG has been delivering lifts to Canada for many years, however, 2018 turned out as a record year. The Nimo-KG distributors in the country report that increased awareness of hygiene and safety are deciding factors in the growing demand for single and two-column lifts.

“These lifts are designed to ensure uncompromising hygienic standards in a given production setting, which of course is an important element in the foodstuffs industry. By customising the machines to the specific production systems of our clients, we help them to always meet their demands on hygiene,” says Carina Thern, and she continues:

“In Canada, there are currently also efforts under way to reduce work-related injuries in the manufacturing sector. Production equipment upgrades constitute one part of this effort, and here our lifts stand out as one of the solutions since they guarantee a very high level of safety to the operators.”

Carina is confident that Nimo-KG will continue to increase its deliveries to North America, chiefly by maintaining a high level of satisfaction among its customers.

“As an OEM supplier, customer satisfaction is the best way to expand our cooperation with the distributors and this way deliver even more machines during 2019.”

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