Backsaver Standard Tipper

Backsaver Standard Tipper

Backsaver Standard Tipper is designed to empty large plastic bins, tubs or crates at a work table height. It can also be customized to handle dough-mixing bowls, standard bins, barrels and other containers.

Improved process: Backsavers are popular at boning plants

Backsavers are simple, easy-to-use machines that enhance production and reduce the risk of workplace injury. Independent controls provided on both sides of the machine are reachable regardless of its actual position with respect to a post-processing or sorting table, thus eliminating all the extra walking around the machine to operate it, reducing downtime and making it a very popular solution at deboning facilities.

Health and enhanced productivity: No strain, more gain

The ST machine, like a pallet jack, is used to pick up a bin of product (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) and move it to the location for emptying. The bin is then tipped in a smooth motion until the product starts to come out or even further to the maximum set angle.  Manual lifting, crouching and bending are no longer necessary and therefore the risk of back pain, strain and injury is reduced. Healthy personnel are happier, more efficient and productive.

Powerful rechargeable battery

Backsavers are powered by rechargeable batteries, so they can be used everywhere on the work floor regardless of the power-supply location. The battery is suitable for operation in refrigerated areas and can be plugged in overnight for convenient charging. With a fully charged battery you can handle approximately 50 tons of products.

Operational safety: No powered lowering; sound alarm for attention

The Backsaver Standard Tipper, with its two heavy-duty locking swivel casters mounted outside of the frame for maximum stability, can optionally be set to a tipping angle of up to 110 degrees while remaining safe and stable. Like other Backsavers, this machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder that uses gravity for the lowering action. So, it’s very safe because it significantly reduces the risk that its moving parts might incur bodily injury. In addition, it also features an audible backup signal that warns others about parts in motion, ensuring extra attention during operation.

Hygiene and food safety: Stainless steel for enhanced sanitation

Backsavers are developed especially for the food industry. They are safe to operate and suitable for direct contact with food products. Backsavers are stainless steel for easier cleanups and wash-downs making it possible to use power washers. ST has been engineered, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands since early 1990s, and the very first machines are still in use today!

Standard Features:

  • Single hydraulic cylinder
  • Backup sound alarm
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Independent controls on each side
  • Dead man’s (hold-to-run) buttons (Up/Down)

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