Backsaver Standard Pallet Lifter/Stacker

Backsaver PL Standard Pallet Lifter/Stacker

The Backsaver Standard Pallet Lifter/Stacker is designed to stack/destack standard pallets. It can also be customized for placing boxes or crates on shelves. Unlike a scissor lift, this machine can be used for both stacking and de-stacking purposes.

Backsavers are simple, easy-to-use machines that enhance production and reduce the risk of workplace injury. Independent controls on both sides of the machine are reachable regardless of its actual position, thus eliminating all the extra walking around the machine to operate it, reducing downtime and making it a very popular solution at food-processing facilities.

The Backsaver Standard Pallet Lifter/Stacker fork is easily placed under a pallet to raise it in a smooth motion to the desired height (up to approximately 1,000 mm / 39.4″, thus raising the pallet’s upper surface to approximately 1,100 mm / 43.3″). Because manual lifting, crouching and bending are no longer necessary, the risk of back pain, strain and injury is reduced. Healthy personnel are happier, more efficient and productive, and throughput is maximized.

A compact, mobile lifting solution

This machine, weighing just 300 kg, can easily be moved around the facility to the location of storage making it a nice solution for stacking/de-stacking palletized boxes with your products (e.g., snacks, burgers, fish, spare ribs, croquettes, wieners or BBQ meats). It can also handle other loads at food-processing facilities where special shelves, carts and bins are used.

Like other Backsavers, this machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder that uses gravity for the lowering action. So, it’s very safe because it significantly reduces the risk that its moving parts might incur bodily injury. For even greater safety, it features an audible backup signal and a flashing LED beacon light that warn others about parts in motion, ensuring extra attention during operation.

Standard Features:

  • Single hydraulic cylinder
  • Backup sound alarm
  • LED flashing beacon light
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Independent controls on each side
  • Dead man’s (hold-to-run) buttons (Up/Down)

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