Backsaver SNT Byggy Lifter/Stacker

The Backsaver SNT Buggy Lifter/Stacker is designed for lifting standard DIN9797 200- or 300-liter meat carts, trolleys or buggies that must be placed on shelves for storage over extended periods of cooling, pickling, hardening or ripening.

The machine weighs just 300 kg and can be easily moved around the production facility to  where the product is stored in buggies. It features a telescoping, upright jack column that makes it very compact and easy to handle.

Standard Features:

  • Single hydraulic stainless steel cylinder
  • Backup sound alarm
  • LED flashing beacon light
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Independent controls on each side
  • Dead man’s (hold-to-run) buttons (Up/Down)

Examples of Available Options:

  • Plug-in (400 V) instead of battery-powered for stationary use

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