Backsaver CD Combo Bin Dumper

Backsaver CD Combo Bin Dumper

The Backsaver CD Combo Bin Dumper can empty heavy, extra-large plastic bins, combo bins, pallet crates, bulk boxes or octabins, as well as other large containers. The machine is equipped with a battery and twin hydraulic cylinders, and can tip bins of up to 1,500 kg / 3,500 lbs and up to 1,400 mm / 47.2″ high.

The Combo Bin Dumper can be used as a static machine, but is mobile and, thus, flexible to apply in different locations.

Standard Features:

  • Twin hydraulic stainless steel cylinders (1 ea. for lifting and tipping)
  • Backup sound alarm
  • LED flashing beacon light
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Powerful rechargeable batteries
  • Independent controls on each side
  • Dead man’s (hold-to-run) buttons (Up/Down)

Examples of Available Options:

  • Tapered discharge chute / narrowed spout for improved product flow
  • Plug-in (400 V) instead of battery-powered for stationary use
  • Adjustable, swinging or customized retaining bar for various bin sizes
  • Different max. tipping angles: 100 and 120 degrees

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