15 December 2016

Nimo KG: Swedish engineering, global sales

Design, construction, production and assembly – it’s easy to believe that these few words suffice to describe technical Swedish engineering company Nimo KG’s work process. But the Swedish company is one of Europe’s leading producers of machines for the manufacturing industry, and as a result its ecosystem is much more complex. Each project presents unique challenges in terms of project management, engineering and creativity together with logistics, communication and customer relationships.

“Projects involve our sales people, designers and technicians working closely together, which provides a secure and stable production process on which the client can rely – from when the order is placed until the machines go into operation”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG has designed and built machines for industrial product handling since 1958. The company’s work process has developed over many years and each new order begins with a thorough needs analysis.

“As a Swedish engineering company, an essential prerequisite is finding out exactly what the customer needs. The same machines and needs for two different customers can result in a very different final execution. We always start each new customer collaboration by carrying out a needs assessment. This means collecting the necessary information from the customer by asking the right questions. If they are a new customer that we don’t know, we often visit them on site to get a clearer image. Based on this we can provide suggestions both in terms of machine solutions and work processes, and then our designers can get to work”, says Peter. Becker, sales representative at Nimo-KG.

Experience benefits the customers

However, sometimes even a thorough needs analysis is not sufficient because problems that even the customer cannot foresee can occur in the customer’s production process. And it’s in situations like these that Nimo-KG’s long experience of different types of industrial product handling plays a decisive role.

“A great deal of our work in the design and construction phases involves predicting all possible problems and limitations that may occur during the customer’s production process. Whether this involves minor changes or major adaptations, our customers know that we will resolve this for them.”, says Lars Andersson, who has been production manager at Swedish engineering company Nimo-KG since 2010.

Nimo-KG works both with manufacturing companies in Sweden and with major international industrial names around the world.

“We are a relatively small company in comparison with our customers and the scale of the projects we manage. The fact that we are a leading actor on the international market depends to a large extent on the fact that all of our employees have expertise and experience that many others simply don’t possess”, says Martin Olsson, Nimo-KG’s MD.

Time to start building

When the design is finished and approved, the actual production work begins. Nimo-KG collaborates with external machine builders both at home in Sweden and in all of Europe. This is a prerequisite for working with customers around the world.

“We have suppliers both at home and in Poland, which is a great advantage, for example when we work with customers in Germany. It reduces delivery times and means that we are nearer the customer. This stage also requires continual communication between us and the supplier to ensure that everything is being done to the specifications we have drawn up together with the customer”, says Peter Becker.

Monitoring and evaluation

When the machines are complete, Nimo-KG carries out an extensive inspection to ensure that everything works as planned.

“We check every machine based on the conditions that will apply during the customer’s production process; for example, we run tests with the same weights and loads. When the machine has been inspected, it is delivered to the customer. Some customers handle the installation themselves, and sometimes we carry out the commissioning process for them – it entirely depends on the customer’s wishes. So in many cases we are involved from the placing of the order until the machines are started up on site”, says Lars Andersson.

When the machines are in operation, Nimo-KG carries out regular visits to inspect the machines, in addition to when the customer contacts the company for tips or advice.

“We always adapt everything to the customer and remain as flexible as possible, which means always being available for all of our customers, regardless of whether they are a factory in Sweden or in Germany. Nimo-KG is a company that builds on knowledge and experience – and that’s what we offer our customers”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

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