7 April 2019

Nimo-KG presents new generation of lifting and tipping equipment at IFFA, the World’s largest trade fair for the meat industry


There is no better place to introduce the next generation’s product handling machine than at one of the World’s largest food trade fairs. Therefore, Nimo-KG will bring the newly developed single column lift SKV 300 C4 to IFFA, the World’s leading international trade fair for the meat industry, which will be held in Frankfurt between 4 and 9 May.

“Nimo-KG is a supplier of machines and equipment for all of the food industry, but meat and charcuterie are our major customer segments. Therefore, IFFA is a suitable forum for us to introduce the latest in product handling from Sweden and Skåne,” says Peter Becker, sales manager for Germany at Nimo-KG.

Over the years, Nimo-KG’s lifting and tipping equipment has made the Skåne company a well-known name in the food industry. The previous year’s Nimo-KG attendance at IFFA have resulted in several orders, including from Hong Kong and Singapore. IFFA gathers more than 60,000 visitors from 140 different countries.

“IFFA is a unique meeting place for the international meat industry with visitors from all over the world. The goal is to network both with potential final customers and resellers on the international market.”

I addition to the new single column lift Nimo-KG will go to Frankfurt with another newly developed machine – SKV 300 HA-T is an upgraded version of the company’s hydraulic tipping machine for trolleys.

“The trade fair is a unique opportunity to show and demonstrate the newly developed machines. Here, we will have the opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from resellers and potential clients. Customised and tailor-made is our specialty, and therefore it’s valuable to get access to the opinions of the end users already during the development phase.”

All the staff from Nimo-KG will go to Frankfurt and IFFA, both to meet up with existing resellers, make contacts and to find new inspiration.

“It is important for our designers to be there in person to see the latest innovations and how food production is developing, since our machines are a natural part of this development. We look forward to a rewarding and inspirational week in Frankfurt,” says Peter Becker.

Nimo-KG Lifting and Tipping Equipment

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