8 March 2021

Nimo-KG delivers third machine order to world-leading fruit preparation company

Product handling company Nimo-KG has now delivered a third repeat order to a world-leading Canadian fruit preparation company. The order consisted of three of Nimo-KG’s SK 800 MK2 double column lifts and a number of transport trolleys.

“The customer works with fruit preparation and is one of the world’s largest suppliers, for example to dairies. They have built an entirely new production line where our machines will be installed to lift and empty the product into their receiver containers. This being the third repeat order shows the customer is happy and that we can deliver high quality machines to world-leading manufacturing companies regardless of industry” says Nimo-KG sales person, Carina Thern. 

Nimo-KG received the first order from this end customer a couple of years ago, and now the company has delivered a third set of double column lifts to Canada. The lifts are specially designed to fit into the end customer’s production process.

“We came up with a customised solution with our SK 800 MK2 double column lift, where special large pneumatic funnels were installed to make the production flow as efficient as possible. Working on the basis of the customer’s specific needs and conditions to find the very best solution is something we excel at”, says Carina Thern.

Nimo-KG’s SK 800 MK2 double column lift is used in a number of different industries, including in food processing, where it is used to lift and empty products from large containers, for example into forming machines, fillers, grinders, and mixers. The lift comes in a number of different variants, and can be customised to integrate into all production processes. Read more about the SK 800 MK2.

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