22 June 2015

Largest order yet delivered by Nimo-KG

The largest order in Nimo-KG’s history is now manufactured, assembled and delivered. Findus new ultramodern factory in Bjuv, Skåne was opened on June 17th with Nimo-KG constructing the complete product handling system.

When the order from Findus was announced it meant an entire annual turnover in one single order for Nimo-KG, and with the project’s completion, Torsten Palmgren is optimistic about the future.

– The order situation for the company is looking very good, we have a number of new orders coming in. The Findus order has given us real momentum and we now have an even stronger market position than before, says Torsten Palmgren, project manager at Nimo-KG.

Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht inaugurates Findus’ new factory in Skåne, to which Nimo-KG has delivered a complete product handling system. The Company’s largest order yet.

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