2 April 2024

Global protein producer partners with Nimo-KG to enhance production efficiency

Nimo-KG has supplied six machines to an international market-leading producer of animal proteins for the food and beverage industry. The unique flexibility of the Swedish company to develop according to the customer’s wishes and needs played a crucial role when the customer updated their production line.

“The machines we have delivered are customized to handle customer-specific pots with millimeter precision and are intended to be part of a fully automated process handling, where protein is extracted from slaughterhouse bone residues. A significant part of Nimo-KG’s success relies on our expertise in designing machines and production solutions tailored to each specific customer and their unique production environment,” says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

Martin Olsson
Martin Olsson, vd Nimo-KG.

Originally, the order was for two emptying machines but quickly expanded to include four customized filling stations with scales and two emptying and washing stations with an underlying screw pocket.

“When we gained insight into the customer’s needs in their production environment, it turned out that we could assist with several additional components. The task was to tailor a process step consisting of these machines in a confined space while maintaining or even increasing production efficiency. Our flexibility means being responsive to our customers, which makes us unique and contributes to our success. Our team did a very good job, which has also been appreciated by the end customer.”

The protein manufacturer is at the forefront of its sector internationally and generated approximately half a billion SEK in revenue last year. The factory where Nimo-KG’s machines have been installed is located in Sweden.

“They utilize valuable raw materials from what others see as waste, and it is always inspiring to contribute to such a production process. The fact that a major international player chooses machines and equipment from Nimo-KG demonstrates that we continue to hold a leading position in the industry,” says Martin Olsson.

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