17 November 2022

Flexibility and customisation make Nimo-KG unique

Over 80 percent of Nimo-KG’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. Few products are taken directly from a shelf in a warehouse. 

“Our flexibility to develop according to the customer’s wishes and needs makes Nimo-KG unique,” says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

Invigning av Findus produktionslinje med Nimo-KG

Inauguration of Nimo-KG’s machine solution in Findus’ factory.

Lifting and emptying containers is a common process in industry, but as a moment, conditions are often different for different companies, which requires unique solutions. This is especially true for the food industry, where Nimo-KG’s machines empty, for example, meat blocks, minced meat, sausage meat, frozen peas, salad leaves, yeast dough, cookie dough, mayonnaise, melted chocolate, tomato soup and much more. Different physical conditions have an even greater impact, including the size and design of the container, ceiling height, emptying height and internal logistics, to name a few factors.

“Our challenge is to listen to the customer’s needs and based on that, design a lifting and emptying solution that is perfectly suited to their operation. They shouldn’t have to adapt the process to the machine, we adapt the machines to their processes,” says Martin Olsson.

There can be a lot of differences between different suppliers of machines in the same industry, which is why Nimo-KG’s products are not standardised. Instead, as much as 80 percent of what is sold is developed according to needs and customer requirements.

“Being flexible is one of our watchwords. Customers should feel that we are there for them and find the solution according to their conditions. Flexibility means being responsive to our customers, it makes us unique and contributes to our success”, says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

Food processing equipment

Nimo-KG delivers, among other things, specially designed solutions to the bakery industry, which has high demands on quality and hygiene.

KG lyften

The KG-lift.

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