23 November 2022

Designing for industry process needs provides stable business conditions

Flexibility creates stability in the Nimo-KG company. Whether the economy is booming or slowing down, the company is performing well.  

“Our recipe of a combination of cost control and customised solutions has proven successful for over 60 years,” says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG

Nimo-KG opened its doors in 1958 and could therefore soon be called an energetic pensioner. But no retirement awaits the engineering company, which is instead setting its sights on an exciting future. As a specialist in product handling equipment for the food industry, Nimo-KG has carved out a niche for itself that makes it unique in the world market.

“Nothing is a bed of roses; every day is a struggle to make Nimo-KG even more successful. Like any other company, we must balance our costs with our revenues,” says Martin Olsson.

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To control costs, Nimo-KG has chosen to outsource all production. This means that they can more easily cope with market fluctuations. It also allows them to handle both small and large orders independently. On the revenue side, Nimo-KG works both as an OEM manufacturer and sells through its own sales channels directly to end customers, where the focus is on creating customised solutions. Nimo-KG has a flexible business model, which in turn provides a solid foundation for the business.

“With our customised solutions, we have built a good name far beyond Sweden’s borders. Already today, 70 percent of our sales are exported, but we see good opportunities to increase sales globally. Food will always need to be handled and our goal is for Nimo-KG to contribute to more efficient industrial production,” says Martin Olsson.

Utrustning för bageriproduktion

Lantmännen in Copenhagen has tailor-made machines for bakery from Nimo-KG.

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