The single-column lift is setting sales records – a new generation will soon be introduced

Nimo-KG is selling more single-column lifts than ever. In 2018, 110 lifts were delivered to manufacturing industries around the world and now the company from Skåne, Sweden is in full swing with the development of the next generation single-column lifts that are scheduled to hit the market by mid-year.

“We are capturing new market shares as a growing number of industries are becoming aware of our lifts, and the increase in sales will continue into the new year. Among other things, the new generation of single-column lifts has an updated design and several new features that will improve both ergonomics and safety,” says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

Of the 110 lifts with the designation SKV 300 C3 sold by Nimo-KG in 2018, most were delivered to the food industry, in particular to the meat packing industry in Sweden, Germany, Norway and France.

“Europe is our biggest market, but we sell to customers all over the world and to a wide range of industries. One example is our recent delivery of a special solution with a single-column lift to a manufacturer of halogen lamps who needed a new way of handling discarded lamps without the risk of glass splinters being spread over the premises.

To meet the growing demand and to increase production capacity, Nimo-KG has implemented a number of measures, including the recruitment of Per-Erik Skeppstedt as new Electrical Manager of the company’s newly started department for industrial automation.

“Having that type of in-house expertise means that we can take on more projects since lead times can be shortened, but first and foremost that we now have full quality assurance even on this part of the product design process. Even though we are selling increasingly more machines, the most important thing is to always ensure that we maintain the highest quality in every machine we deliver.”

Some examples of new features on the upgraded single-column lift, SKV 300 C4, are the possibility of full-cover chain protection, a safer and more ergonomic trolley catch and a new solution for the chain tensioner.

“It is in our dialogue with our customers that we receive feedback about their specific needs and this is how we can further improve our machines. The upgrades we are now implementing are based on this feedback,” says Martin Olsson.

Swedish company equips Switzerland’s largest bakery

In the Swiss city of Schafisheim just outside Zurich, Coop operates the country’s largest bakery. When some of its equipment needed to be upgraded, the first priority was to install tippers that could handle the heavy, compact doughs. The assignment went via dealer Neumeyer AG to Nimo-KG, a company from little Kågeröd in Skåne, Sweden, that manufactures customized food processing machines.

“The challenge was to modify the machines to tip out the dough quickly and effectively and then remove all of the remaining dough from the container. After a visit to the bakery to see for ourselves what needed to be done, we came up with a solution the customer was very pleased with, and which streamlined the production line,” says Eva Johansson, a seller at Nimo-KG.

The Coop bakery in Switzerland produces 60,000 tonnes of bread every year. In this kind of production, all of the equipment has to work faultlessly every day. To handle the compact doughs in the best way, Nimo-KG fitted the tippers with two motors that constantly rotate the machine’s containers, which causes the dough to detach from the rims.

“Then we designed a special pneumatic dough scraper to remove the remaining pieces of dough from the tipper. It’s a solution we’ve used in earlier assignments, and it also turned out to be perfect for Coop’s production.”

Nimo-KG was founded 60 years ago, and every year it delivers more than 200 machines to customers all over the world. Even though every assignment is different, the company’s approach is always the same.

“No matter the size of the customer or the job, we always have the same approach and focus on customized food processing machines to suit every customer’s unique production environments and requirements. The machines work just as well in Switzerland’s biggest bakery as they do here in our local bakery back home in Sweden.”

When the specially adapted tippers were delivered to the Coop bakery in November, Nimo-KG was there to help with the installation.

“The machines are working as intended, and the customer is very pleased. Should any new requirements pop up for Coop in the future, we’ll do everything we can to meet them, too,” says Eva Johansson.

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Lantmännen opts for tailor-made bakery solutions

After 20 years with the same machines and unrelenting disruptions to production, Lantmännen Unibake decided to update some of its production equipment at its bakery in Copenhagen. The goal was to find a supplier who could deliver tailor-made bakery solutions for Lantmännen’s unique production line; they found the solution at Nimo-KG in Skåne, Sweden.

“Many machine manufacturers have a fixed range of lifting and tipping equipment that cannot be adapted or modified. This is where Nimo-KG is far ahead of its industry colleagues; they took a look at our production and came with proposals for adapting their machines to our process. They took care of the entire process from concept and design to installation,” says Kenneth Staal, technical manager at Lantmännen Unibake.

Production is round-the-clock, seven days a week at Lantmännen Unibake’s bakery in the outskirts of Copenhagen. With the aim of increasing their production rate, they contacted Nimo-KG from Skåne, Sweden, which supplies tailor-made equipment for product handling to the food industry worldwide.

“Just like production companies in any industry, companies in the bakery industry have their own unique conditions and challenges, and therefore need tailor-made bakery solutions. Our challenge, which is the thing we find most rewarding, is to design solutions that ensure our customer’s needs are met,” says Anders Pålsson of Nimo-KG.

As technical manager at Lantmännen Unibake, Kenneth Staal has collaborated with many equipment suppliers. The reason they opted for Nimo-KG was not only its expertise in finding unique solutions for the bakery’s existing production line, but also the high quality of their machines.

“Since Nimo-KG installed the three new lifting and tipping machines a year ago, we have had no downtime at all,” said Kenneth Staal.

Lantmännen’s bakery in Copenhagen will very likely enjoy the company of more lifting and tipping machines in the future.

“We are extremely satisfied with the equipment and its tiptop reliability. If we need to expand our equipment pool or replace machines in the future, we’ll call Nimo-KG right away.”

Nimo-KG Equipment for bakery production

IFFA participation pays off – new orders from Hong Kong and Singapore

Nimo-KG has during the last months delivered several single column lifts to Hong Kong and Singapore. The orders are direct results of the company’s participation at the trade fair IFFA.

– The two companies, one from Hong Kong and one from Singapore, first came in contact with us at IFFA in Frankfurt and then returned with order requests. We have for many years invested in our participation at IFFA and these orders show that it’s a successful strategy, says Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.

One single column lift was delivered to Singapore at the end of last year, and Nimo-KG recently received a new request from Hong Kong for five single lifts of the model SKV 300 C3.

– Nimo-KG offers tailor made machines for internal product handling. The fact that potential customers are able to see first-hand how the machines work and will fit into their production at exhibitions such as at the trade fair IFFA is therefore valuable both for us and for them, says Eva Johansson.

Nimo-KG:s lifting and tipping equipment

Nimo-KG designs and manufactures internal product handling machines. The company’s lifting and unloading equipment (KG lift) has made the company a well-known brand in the manufacturing and food industry over the years. Every year more than 200 machines are delivered to customers all over the world.

Nimo KG: Swedish engineering, global sales

Design, construction, production and assembly – it’s easy to believe that these few words suffice to describe technical Swedish engineering company Nimo KG’s work process. But the Swedish company is one of Europe’s leading producers of machines for the manufacturing industry, and as a result its ecosystem is much more complex. Each project presents unique challenges in terms of project management, engineering and creativity together with logistics, communication and customer relationships.

“Projects involve our sales people, designers and technicians working closely together, which provides a secure and stable production process on which the client can rely – from when the order is placed until the machines go into operation”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG has designed and built machines for industrial product handling since 1958. The company’s work process has developed over many years and each new order begins with a thorough needs analysis.

“As a Swedish engineering company, an essential prerequisite is finding out exactly what the customer needs. The same machines and needs for two different customers can result in a very different final execution. We always start each new customer collaboration by carrying out a needs assessment. This means collecting the necessary information from the customer by asking the right questions. If they are a new customer that we don’t know, we often visit them on site to get a clearer image. Based on this we can provide suggestions both in terms of machine solutions and work processes, and then our designers can get to work”, says Peter. Becker, sales representative at Nimo-KG.

Experience benefits the customers

However, sometimes even a thorough needs analysis is not sufficient because problems that even the customer cannot foresee can occur in the customer’s production process. And it’s in situations like these that Nimo-KG’s long experience of different types of industrial product handling plays a decisive role.

“A great deal of our work in the design and construction phases involves predicting all possible problems and limitations that may occur during the customer’s production process. Whether this involves minor changes or major adaptations, our customers know that we will resolve this for them.”, says Lars Andersson, who has been production manager at Swedish engineering company Nimo-KG since 2010.

Nimo-KG works both with manufacturing companies in Sweden and with major international industrial names around the world.

“We are a relatively small company in comparison with our customers and the scale of the projects we manage. The fact that we are a leading actor on the international market depends to a large extent on the fact that all of our employees have expertise and experience that many others simply don’t possess”, says Martin Olsson, Nimo-KG’s MD.

Time to start building

When the design is finished and approved, the actual production work begins. Nimo-KG collaborates with external machine builders both at home in Sweden and in all of Europe. This is a prerequisite for working with customers around the world.

“We have suppliers both at home and in Poland, which is a great advantage, for example when we work with customers in Germany. It reduces delivery times and means that we are nearer the customer. This stage also requires continual communication between us and the supplier to ensure that everything is being done to the specifications we have drawn up together with the customer”, says Peter Becker.

Monitoring and evaluation

When the machines are complete, Nimo-KG carries out an extensive inspection to ensure that everything works as planned.

“We check every machine based on the conditions that will apply during the customer’s production process; for example, we run tests with the same weights and loads. When the machine has been inspected, it is delivered to the customer. Some customers handle the installation themselves, and sometimes we carry out the commissioning process for them – it entirely depends on the customer’s wishes. So in many cases we are involved from the placing of the order until the machines are started up on site”, says Lars Andersson.

When the machines are in operation, Nimo-KG carries out regular visits to inspect the machines, in addition to when the customer contacts the company for tips or advice.

“We always adapt everything to the customer and remain as flexible as possible, which means always being available for all of our customers, regardless of whether they are a factory in Sweden or in Germany. Nimo-KG is a company that builds on knowledge and experience – and that’s what we offer our customers”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

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New order from Canada

Earlier this year, Nimo-KG delivered three SK 800 MK2 twin-column lifts and 30 pcs 420-litre stainless steel trollies to a client in southern Europe. The company has now received an identical order, this time from Canada.

– It’s the same end customer. They have factories all over the world and this follow-up order shows that they’re satisfied with our twin-column lifts, says Eva Johansson, sales person at Nimo-KG.

The supplier that came in with the order to Nimo-KG had clear directives from their client – they wanted Nimo-KG’s machines for the Canada-factory. Eva Johansson has been in close contact with the client during the delivery process.

– When you handle liquid products, as our client does, it requires some adaptions of the equipment, and we’ve had a good dialogue during that process. We often design new or specially made solutions to satisfy every individual customer’s needs.


Nimo-KG designs and manufactures internal product handling machines. The company’s lifting and unloading equipment (KG lift) has made the company a well-known brand in the manufacturing and food industry over the years. Every year more than 200 machines are delivered to customers all over the world. Newsdesk.

“2015 was another record year”

Nimo-KG is showing record results for the second year in a row. Reinforcements on the design side, increased demand, the Findus order and an entirely new product on the market are just some of the reasons why 2015 was another record year for the Skåne-based company.

“We started the year strongly with a number of new orders at the same time that we completed several deliveries. That led to the strongest year in the company’s history”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG increased its turnover from 43.2 MSEK in 2014 to 56.2 MSEK in 2015. This is the second year in a row that the company has achieved a record result. The completed delivery to Findus was one of the reasons for this success, but even without the Findus order the Skåne-based company would have had a record year.

“We expanded both in Sweden and overseas with a number of large orders. At the same time, we reinforced our expertise with a new design engineer and moved into new offices, which provided a boost for the whole company.”

Nimo-KG’s goal for the forthcoming year is to maintain a continued stable turnover level with an annual growth of 8-10%.

“We have an exciting year before us, with new collaborations in both Sweden and internationally, including an OEM order from Portugal, and the launch of a new generation of single column lifts. The basis for our success is continuing to offer high-quality solutions to our customers’ problems and needs”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

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“Swedish quality works all over the world”

Swedish industrial company Nimo-KG sells its products across the whole world to both end customers and dealers. Germany, the USA, Japan, Russia and most recently Portugal are just a few of the markets where Nimo-KG’s solutions for the food industry are established.

“We have long experience of internal product handling within different industries and in different parts of the world. The fact that we receive inquiries and orders from all over the world is primarily due to the good reputation of our products and because we tailor-make solutions for customers within different industries”, says Peter Becker, sales person at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG’s biggest markets outside Sweden are Germany, Norway and Denmark, but the company’s products and solutions within product handling are used across the whole world.

“We are flexible and design new or specially made solutions to satisfy every individual customer’s needs. That’s a major reason why our products work in so many contexts. Our customer base includes everything from German dairies to Portuguese fruit factories and Swedish jam makers”, says Anders Pålsson, sales person at Nimo-KG.

The majority of the international deliveries are to customers who have heard about Nimo-KG’s products via word of mouth. In addition, the company is active as an OEM manufacturer in a number of different markets. As an OEM supplier, it is necessary to work without being visible, which suits Nimo-KG very well.

“In many countries we have long-term collaboration partners and they tell other actors about us, which is a contributory factor in our international presence. As an OEM manufacturer, there is also an opportunity to collaborate with major local brands around the world, which increases our expansion possibilities”, says Eva Johansson, sales person at Nimo-KG.

This year, Swedish industrial company Nimo-KG has participated in events such as IFFA in Frankfurt, which is a trade fair for the meat industry. Fairs and other similar events are important if the company is to continue to expand internationally.

“The reason why we continue to grow is that our products and solutions work well in many different product handling contexts. Good quality works everywhere”, says Peter Becker.

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Portuguese order opens the door…

In August last year, Nimo-KG received no fewer than three almost identical requests for quotations from different European companies. The requests all proved to concern a single end customer and were for a lifting solution for a complete product line in Portugal. Nimo-KG has now secured the order, worth just over SEK 800,000.

“It’s not often we get three requests for quotations at once, but this was a question of three different players submitting offers to a single end customer. This particular order presents a good means of entry for us into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, and we are currently studying how we can develop our presence in the region further,” says Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.”

The Portuguese order is for three SK 800 MK2 twin-column lifts and 30 pcs 420-litre stainless steel trollies. The equipment will be used in a fruit processing line designed by the company Twistop, who is thus Nimo-KG’s customer. Twistop was one of the three companies who contacted Nimo-KG and who was later engaged to supply the complete product line to the Portuguese end customer.

“We put great effort into tailoring solutions to suit our customers, and our twin column lift functions equally well for fruit handling as it does in the meat or bakery segments. It’s a great advantage for us to possess that kind of expertise and also act as OEM suppliers, which was plain to see when we were contacted by three different companies for a single assignment.”

One lifting solution that Nimo-KG will deliver to Portugal will also be presented at IFFA, the leading international trade exhibition for the meat industry in Frankfurt 7-12 May.

“Being able to present the twin column lift to the international meat industry in Frankfurt provides a boost for us. The machines we’re delivering to Portugal will form part of a fruit processing line, but they work just as well no matter what sort of production or industry it concerns.”

At the IFFA exhibition, Nimo-KG will also meet Twistop to discuss opportunities for deeper collaboration. The Portuguese company has expressed an interest in representing Nimo-KG in Spain and Portugal.

“This particular order presents a good means of entry for us into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, and we are currently studying how we can develop our presence in the region further,” says Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.

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A great opportunity to study top quality Swedish technology for the food industry

Swedish technology company Nimo-KG is returning to the IFFA, the leading international trade fair for the food industry, which takes place in Frankfurt on 7-12 May.
The aim is to present the company’s unique production solutions and lifts for the food industry.

“The increased number of international customers proves that our products and system solutions works extremely well in the meat industry, and we hope to meet new and exciting prospects at IFFA”, says Peter Becker, Sales Manager for Germany at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG designs and manufactures machines for internal product handling. Over the years, the Swedish technology company’s lifting and tipping equipment has made Nimo-KG a well-known name in the food industry, and every year more than 200 machines are supplied to customers all across the world.

“The IFFA is a completely unique meeting place for the international meat industry, with visitors from all over the world, so it’s a perfect context for us. Over the six days of the fair we will demonstrate single and double column lifts together with a selection of other machines for trolley handling.”

Nimo-KGs stand is strategically placed in the hall focusing on the process industry. It is also close to other Swedish suppliers to the food industry.

“My colleagues and I extend a warm invitation to visitors to join us on our stand. We’re hoping to meet both existing and new customers, together with OEM companies, and of course we’re also looking to make contacts with new resellers on the international market”, says Peter Becker, Sales Manager for Germany at Nimo-KG.

Stand location: Hall 8, stand K43.

The IFFA is held every three years in Frankfurt, and this year takes place from 7-12 May at Messe Frankfurt.

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