Nimo-KG deliver custom made conveyor to one of Germany’s largest turkey producers in record time

The product handling company Nimo-KG have now delivered a custom made conveyor to one of Germany’s largest producers of turkey. The custom made conveyor was designed, built, delivered and installed in only eight weeks’ time.

“The client had built a new production hall and needed to transport products from ground level up to higher levels. We tailored the solution based on height and product, and they are very pleased”, says Peter Becker, Area Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG was recommended by an existing client in Germany, who had already installed a production line for the turkey producer. The recently delivered vertical conveyor is based on a previous machine design by Nimo-KG.

“Many clients request tailored solutions. In this instance we adapted the conveyor to the product and height. It consists of three components and was delivered in parts, to be mounted at the location. Furthermore, the delivery time was exceptionally short, progressing from quote to mounted product in eight weeks. The usual time frame is often twice as long.”

Nimo-KG, from Kågeröd in the south of Sweden, collaborates with most of the main machine providers in Europe. Germany has a strong and expanding market, where most new clients are found through recommendation and word-of-mouth.

“At the first meeting with the turkey producer we discovered that they already had several of our machines that they had bought through retailers. Everyone within the industry knows about Nimo-KG, which is fun since we are a small business from Skåne. We are growing world-wide”, says Peter Becker.

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