Nimo-KG launches new belt lift: “Great hygiene benefits for the food industry”

Martin Olsson, MD at Nimo-KG that recently launched a new belt-driven lift.

Better hygiene and easier maintenance. These are some of the benefits of Nimo-KG’s new belt-driven lift. The company from Skåne, Sweden, designed the lift following requests from companies in several different industries and countries, including a major German manufacturer of process equipment for the food industry.

“So far, we’ve sold the new lift to companies that produce salads and charcuterie. But it’s suitable for all kinds of production in the food industry, and the lift’s hygiene aspects are of particular benefit,” says Martin Olsson, MD at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG supplies several different kinds of lifts for use in e.g. the charcuterie segment. The lifts are well suited anywhere in the food industry where product in a container must be lifted and emptied. When a German process equipment manufacturer sought a belt-driven lift, Nimo-KG developed the new SK 800 MKB lift.

Instead of using a chain, the lift is driven with belts. This has many advantages, but also requires a more complex design. Belts lead to better hygiene and easier maintenance; they’re easier to clean, they can withstand harsh chemicals and need no lubrication or tensioning.

“The belt lift is suitable for companies with demanding production processes and high standards of hygiene. The German customer already had a belt lift, but one with major technical problems. We’re therefore pleased with the confidence they’ve shown in us and proud to have solved their problems by creating a new, reliable solution.”

Experts in customisation

Nimo-KG supplies tailored solutions for internal product handling to customers all over the world. Since it began, the company has continually developed its range of machines and equipment, adapting them according to their customers’ widely diverse needs. Nimo-KG always takes part from start to finish and takes care of any adjustments and additions.

“Our strong side is customisation. Because container sizes, emptying heights and accessible spaces are just some of the conditions that vary continuously, each and every machine is designed individually. This also applies to our new belt lift,” says Martin Olsson, MD at Nimo-KG.