Swedish company equips Switzerland’s largest bakery

In the Swiss city of Schafisheim just outside Zurich, Coop operates the country’s largest bakery. When some of its equipment needed to be upgraded, the first priority was to install tippers that could handle the heavy, compact doughs. The assignment went via dealer Neumeyer AG to Nimo-KG, a company from little Kågeröd in Skåne, Sweden, that manufactures customized food processing machines.

“The challenge was to modify the machines to tip out the dough quickly and effectively and then remove all of the remaining dough from the container. After a visit to the bakery to see for ourselves what needed to be done, we came up with a solution the customer was very pleased with, and which streamlined the production line,” says Eva Johansson, a seller at Nimo-KG.

The Coop bakery in Switzerland produces 60,000 tonnes of bread every year. In this kind of production, all of the equipment has to work faultlessly every day. To handle the compact doughs in the best way, Nimo-KG fitted the tippers with two motors that constantly rotate the machine’s containers, which causes the dough to detach from the rims.

“Then we designed a special pneumatic dough scraper to remove the remaining pieces of dough from the tipper. It’s a solution we’ve used in earlier assignments, and it also turned out to be perfect for Coop’s production.”

Nimo-KG was founded 60 years ago, and every year it delivers more than 200 machines to customers all over the world. Even though every assignment is different, the company’s approach is always the same.

“No matter the size of the customer or the job, we always have the same approach and focus on customized food processing machines to suit every customer’s unique production environments and requirements. The machines work just as well in Switzerland’s biggest bakery as they do here in our local bakery back home in Sweden.”

When the specially adapted tippers were delivered to the Coop bakery in November, Nimo-KG was there to help with the installation.

“The machines are working as intended, and the customer is very pleased. Should any new requirements pop up for Coop in the future, we’ll do everything we can to meet them, too,” says Eva Johansson.

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