Financing solutions

Is the tendered equipment exactly the right solution to your problem, but your budget won't quite stretch that far?

Operating costs are deductible too!

We can offer secure financing which is both quick, easy and adapted to your requirements. A fixed monthly cost is easy to budget and you can maintain your liquidity and balance sheet without having to tie up capital.
This means that you still have the opportunity to make other investments!

SKV 300 C3T

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Cost example:

SKV 300 C3T-V
Transportable trolley tipper
Tipping height: 1600-2200 mm
Lifting capacity: 350 kg

Contract type: Rent
Duration: 36 months
Cost: SEK 2295. per month

What is a rental contract?
A contract drawn up between the supplier and the lessee.
Renting equipment is advantageous when you are interested in use rather than ownership.

Contract type: Leasing
Tid: 36 månader 
Cost: SEK 2095. /month
Residual value: SEK 7750.

What is leasing?
Leasing is essentially a form of long term rental in which the lessee intends to take over ownership after the end of the contract. This is done by settling the residual value that the parties have agreed upon when the contract was drawn up.

Financing solutions can be offered on all of our products, such as lifts, tippers, pallet inverters, containers etc. NOTE: Trolleys are not included in the price examples.