IFFA participation pays off – new orders from Hong Kong and Singapore3 web

Nimo-KG has during the last months delivered several single column lifts to Hong Kong and Singapore. The orders are direct results of the company’s participation at the trade fair IFFA.

– The two companies, one from Hong Kong and one from Singapore, first came in contact with us at IFFA in Frankfurt and then returned with order requests. We have for many years invested in our participation at IFFA and these orders show that it’s a successful strategy, says Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.

One single column lift was delivered to Singapore at the end of last year, and Nimo-KG recently received a new request from Hong Kong for five single lifts of the model SKV 300 C3.

– Nimo-KG offers tailor made machines for internal product handling. The fact that potential customers are able to see first-hand how the machines work and will fit into their production at exhibitions such as IFFA is therefore valuable both for us and for them, says Eva Johansson.



Nimo KG: Swedish engineering, global sales

20161024 DSC01882 Edit webDesign, construction, production and assembly – it's easy to believe that these few words suffice to describe technical engineering company Nimo KG's work process. But the Swedish company is one of Europe's leading producers of machines for the manufacturing industry, and as a result its ecosystem is much more complex. Each project presents unique challenges in terms of project management, engineering and creativity together with logistics, communication and customer relationships.

"Projects involve our sales people, designers and technicians working closely together, which provides a secure and stable production process on which the client can rely – from when the order is placed until the machines go into operation", says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

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New order from Canada

E3 webarlier this year, Nimo-KG delivered three SK 800 MK2 twin-column lifts and 30 pcs 420-litre stainless steel trollies to a client in southern Europe. The company has now received an identical order, this time from Canada.

– It’s the same end customer. They have factories all over the world and this follow-up order shows that they’re satisfied with our products, says Eva Johansson, sales person at Nimo-KG.

The supplier that came in with the order to Nimo-KG had clear directives from their client – they wanted Nimo-KG’s machines for the Canada-factory. Eva Johansson has been in close contact with the client during the delivery process.

– When you handle liquid products, as our client does, it requires some adaptions of the equipment, and we’ve had a good dialogue during that process. We often design new or specially made solutions to satisfy every individual customer’s needs.


“2015 was another record year”
nyhet martin web2016-06-22

Nimo-KG is showing record results for the second year in a row. Reinforcements on the design side, increased demand and an entirely new product on the market are just some of the reasons why 2015 was another record year for the Skåne-based company.

“We started the year strongly with a number of new orders at the same time that we completed several deliveries. That led to the strongest year in the company's history”, says Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG.

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“Swedish quality works all over the world” NimoKG saljare web

Swedish industrial company Nimo-KG sells its products across the whole world to both end customers and dealers. Germany, the USA, Japan, Russia and most recently Portugal are just a few of the markets where Nimo-KG’s solutions for the food industry are established.

“We have long experience of internal product handling within different industries and in different parts of the world. The fact that we receive inquiries and orders from all over the world is primarily due to the good reputation of our products and because we tailor-make solutions for customers within different industries”, says Peter Becker, sales person at Nimo-KG.

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Portuguese order opens the door…
2016-05-043 web

In August last year, Nimo-KG received no fewer than three almost identical requests for quotations from different European companies. The requests all proved to concern a single end customer and were for a lifting solution for a complete product line in Portugal. Nimo-KG has now secured the order, worth just over SEK 800,000.
"It's not often we get three requests for quotations at once, but this was a question of three different players submitting offers to a single end customer. This particular order presents a good means of entry for us into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, and we are currently studying how we can develop our presence in the region further," says Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.”

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nyhet5 webA great opportunity to study top quality Swedish technology for the food industry

Swedish technology company Nimo-KG is returning to the IFFA, the leading international trade fair for the food industry, which takes place in Frankfurt on 7-12 May.
The aim is to present the company's unique production solutions and lifts for the food industry.

"The increased number of international customers proves that our products and system solutions works extremely well in the meat industry, and we hope to meet new and exciting prospects at IFFA", says Peter Becker, Sales Manager for Germany at Nimo-KG.

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Nimo-KG in an exclusive deal with Sæplast
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Nimo-KG has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with a new international partner – Sæplast's products will now be sold by Nimo-KG on the Swedish market.

– We will be the sole distributor of Sæplast's products in Sweden. It's an excellent complement to our existing range of products, and it will enable us to deliver even better solutions to our customers in the future, says Martin Olsson, CEO of Nimo-KG.

For Sæplast, the agreement is an entry into several new markets where Nimo-KG has been an established actor for a long time.

– We chose Nimo-KGas distributor mainly due to their vastknowledge and experience,their wide network of contacts, which are all invaluable components for us. We have previously examined the possibility of entering the Swedish market but we have not had the necessary contacts. This is an important step forward for our company, says Holmer Svansson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sæplast.

Holmar Svansson, Marketing Manager Saeplast, and Martin Olsson, Managing Director Nimo-KG, signs the new distribution agreement.



Largest order yet delivered by Nimo-KG 

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The largest order in Nimo-KG's history is now manufactured, assembled and delivered. Findus new ultramodern factory in Bjuv, Skåne was opened on June 17th with Nimo-KG constructing the complete product handling system.

When the order from Findus was announced it meant an entire annual turnover in one single order for Nimo-KG, and with the project's completion, Torsten Palmgren is optimistic about the future.

– The order situation for the company is looking very good, we have a number of new orders coming in. The Findus order has given us real momentum and we now have an even stronger market position than before, says Torsten Palmgren, project manager at Nimo-KG.

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Sweden's Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht inaugurates Findus' new factory in Skåne, to which Nimo-KG has delivered a complete product handling system. The Company's largest order yet.