About Nimo-KG

We are one of Europe's foremost suppliers of equipment for internal product handling. The business began more than 50 years ago and today we supply tailor-made solutions for internal product handling to customers across the world. Since 1958, we have continuously developed our range of products and adapted them to our customers' widely varying needs. In 2003, we reached the milestone of 10,000 machines supplied, and our ambition is now to supply at least as many again. Our keywords are flexibility, safety and hygiene, and since the early days we have worked to streamline every stage of the production process while ensuring high levels of quality. In other words, we solve our customers' problems.

  • Flexibility: Our equipment and our products are easy to adapt to the customer's wishes in order to integrate them into existing process lines.
  • Safety: We work hard to achieve high levels of safety, both for those using the equipment and for the goods being handled.
  • Hygiene: All of our products have a modern design to facilitate cleaning.

We work together with customers from a variety of different industries and segments such as food, pharmaceuticals, engineering products and waste. Different industries set different requirements, and because we are active within several different segments, we can constantly develop and obtain new industry-related knowledge. While we have a thoroughly tested work process, we see our work as a craft in which every customer assignment is unique. Our range consists of complete stainless steel solutions for all types of internal product handling. All products fulfil the ergonomic, safety and hygiene requirements set by our customers and the industries they work in. We also design turnkey solutions in consultation with customers, on the basis of their desires and needs. Some of our products:

  • Trolleys, transport trolleys, containers
  • Vertical conveyors, level controllers
  • Scales and weigh stations
  • Single column lifts, emptying machines, lifting and tipping machines
  • Tailor-made turnkey product handling systems/li>

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